About Us

P. Villagra Inc. (PVTAX) was founded by Patricio and Paola Villagra on June 1, 1996 in Vancouver, British Columbia. Since then, the team has grown to include other highly trained specialists allowing us to expand and provide even more positive results. Although our office is in Vancouver, we are not limited to just British Columbia. Most of our services are made available internationally because we want to help as much as we can.
Patricio Villagra Müller (Chairman and President):
Mr. Villagra is a tax law specialist, who has been trained in accordance to the CICA \ CPA Canada In-Depth Tax Course Program. With his education, knowledge of the Canadian Government system, and over twenty years experience, he has been able to help thousands of clients save money, in various ways including tax & accounting aspects. In addition, he has won several cases in court; representing his clients in areas of tax objections, audits, and appeals. Because of his contribution to the financial world he has appeared on the media and has been credited on both television and on the radio.
Paola Villagra (Vice-President):
Mrs. Villagra is a businesswoman and tax consultant, with the objective of helping individuals receive the best outcomes, and saving as much money as possible. She is the public face of PVTAX, and has been on both television and the radio sharing tax tips and advice. In addition, she has been receiving and helping clients with a wide range of situations from simple tax planning to complex situations for decades.

We at PVTAX are taking

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